When To Change Your Bet

If you like to play slots and you want to learn to play them better, it doesn’t take long to discover that slot game strategy just doesn’t exist. The outcome of any spin is determined by a random number generator, and there’s nothing that one can do that will alter that. Many players boast that betting systems can beat the game, but none have ever been proven to work – none of them. The randomness of the game makes any structured system useless, and only luck will play a role in your fortune, or misfortune.

One way some try to increase the payout of their favorite slot game is to adjust the size of their bet when they think that the game will soon pay out a winning spin. There’s no way to tell if a spin is going to pay out, it’s all random of course. Some players try to make a smaller wager while the game is not hitting any winning spins, and adjust to a bigger bet in the hopes that a winning spin is coming soon. After five or six spins with no win, they increase their wager until one hits, and they get paid off at the bigger wager.

After the winning spin hits they adjust back down to a smaller bet until a long winless streak appears again. If they can manage to hit a few winners at the higher stakes it can make the session far more profitable than it would have been with the same size bet the entire time.

It’s important never to try this when you’re playing a progressive slot game. These games only pay the big jackpot to winning spins that were made with the max bet. If you adjust your bet down and hit the big one, you’ll only a get a small portion of what you could have won. Save the bet adjustment for slot games that don’t offer the progressive jackpots.

Playing a random game is just that. Raising your bet at random times will not increase your chances or lower them. But it will make it more fun, especially if you hit a big spin when you’ve raised your usual bet at the right time. Just remember that it’s luck if you do.