How Much Is Too Much Slot Play

Playing the slots can certainly pass the time. The excitement of winning some easy money keeps our attention, especially if we hit a big spin or two during a playing session. The good slot players have their sessions and bankrolls organized, and they know exactly when it’s time to step away from the game. They know how much they can lose in one particular session, and they have safeguards in place to stay within their planned limitations. They don’t end up dumping money when things are going badly, and they step away from play before there’s too much damage inflicted.

The mistake that many people make playing slots is to continue to pump money into a game because they expect it to pay out soon. Just because you’ve been losing for a long period doesn’t mean that the big payout spins are due to come. Each spin is independent of any other, and pay out percentages for games are only accurate over an enormous sample of play. You can lose money for a long time at the same machine without it paying out.

Many players hold on to this theory too much, and will stay in the same game investing money that they can’t afford because they believe the game to be due to pay out, and they will recover what they lost. They think that as soon as they leave the game someone else will play it and win all the money they put into it. This fear keeps them playing longer than they should, and usually it makes them lose more than they expected to lose.

You shouldn’t play a slot game for much longer than a couple of hours. Don’t plan your sessions to be longer than this, and if you have an extreme run of luck, whether it be bad or good, step away from the game. If you hit a couple of big spins and find yourself up a bunch of money, walk away with your winnings and don’t look back until your next scheduled session. If you lose most of your money in the beginning of your session, don’t invest more money. Chalk it up to it not being your day, and step away while you still have a bit left of your buy-in.