Video Poker – Single Hand vs Multi Hand

Video Poker and slots share lots of similarities, it is becoming one of the most popular games played online. Many players like draw poker, and these games are all based on that version. There are two types of Video Poker; single hand and multiple hand. Both give the player good odds if they learn to play optimum strategy. Here’s a look at the differences between the two games and which variation is the best to play.

Single hand video poker is the original version of the game and remains the most popular. There are numerous sub-variations which include the popular Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker. The single hand version is just that – five cards dealt and one draw after the player chooses hold cards. Games pay out for a pair of jacks or better, unless the game is structured to pay differently. Games with wild cards will often pay out differently than straight games, and pay tables will vary from game to game, so find out what the game pays out for each hand.

The multiple hand versions of video poker are a bit different. These games allow you to play numerous hands at once. Some games allow you to play as many as 100 hands, but usually the player gets to choose from 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 hands at once. You first get five cards and you choose your hold cards, then those hold cards will be in every multiple hand to follow. That means if you get two pair you will be able to draw for a full house for the amount of hands you chose. These games can pay out very well when you get dealt a big hand – like a full house – right off the bat, because every other hand will be a full house too.

The two games have very little difference between them as far as odds are concerned. The important part is to know the pay out schedule of the individual game and to choose a good one. Multiple hand poker can pay out at a faster rate than single line, but it will also deplete your bankroll that much faster. So it makes sense to have a bigger bankroll for a multiple hand game than a single hand version.

Video poker is one of the best ways to gamble the casino games. If you like the games, then you should learn the strategy and join the growing number of players taking advantage of this high pay out game. Good luck.