Random Number Generators

Online casino slots are not like the traditional slot games you might be used to playing. Online games don’t have real spinning reels, and instead are video games that are run by computer software. The results of the games come from random number generators built into the software. The generators are essentially computer programs that will generate a series of complicated computational algorithms that will produce sequences of random results. There is an algorithm or a formula that is programmed onto the RNG chip. These generators are trusted to provide an unbiased selection and make the games fair for player and casino.

These generators work by choosing a number as soon as the player presses the spin button. The outcome is determined based on when the player presses the button, and the next result will be completely random from the previous spin. Each result has an equal chance of occurring again because the next choice starts from a random spot. The only determining factor in the result is when the spin button is pressed, and waiting a split second will surely change the outcome in some way.

Any reputable online casino operates with random number generators. These generators are tested to make sure that they are indeed random and don’t have any bias at all. Without them the online casino industry would never have gotten off the ground. The RNG’s made the computer-programmed slot games fair, and they ensured that players wouldn’t fall prey to a computer program that would never pay out the big jackpots.

There’s no way to beat the RNG’s because the possible outcomes are usually in the billions. There’s no pattern that could be figured out that could be used to predict any particular outcome, no matter how big the sample might be. The security of these generators is important because a cracked generator could be manipulated, but the effectiveness and security of all RNG’s are tested by third-party organizations that work to maintain the online casino standards.

Winning at slots online is as it should be, completely up to luck. With RNG’s you know that you’re playing a fair game and that you will lose at an expected rate (the house edge). But that’s only until you hit a big one, and get paid off in a big way.