Popular Online Slots Myths

Myths and superstitions are common with any game, online slots being no exception. Sometimes players, new to online slots, will hear these passed on from more experienced players and treat them like fact, but that isn’t always the case. New players should be well informed, so as to make their own decisions. Listed are some of the more common online slots myths.

Online Slots go through cycles

Some people believe that an online slots machine will cycle, paying out at regular intervals. For example, if a slot machine has had a lot of winners, some people believe that it won’t payout any more for a while, and vice versa. While this may sound logical, the online slot’s random number generator, or RNG, creates winning combinations at a rate of hundreds per second. It is not uncommon for an online slot game to payout more than once in a short amount of time, as it is programmed to payout a certain percentage over the long term, and not just within hours, days or even weeks

Slots can be beaten with a system

One of the most common online slots myths that experienced players try to cash in with, as in selling guides and e-books, is that slots can be beaten with a system. While having betting plans and learning how to analyze win conditions can help, casinos are in the business of making money and the house will always have an advantage.

Pulling an Online Slots handle vs. pushing the button

Some people believe that using an online slot’s lever causes the machine to payout more often than pushing its button. Whether this is due to loyalty to the original game designs, the truth is that the online slots random number generator doesn’t care either way. There is one difference though, in that pulling the handle takes slightly longer than pushing the button and can extend play time, and as such, a player’s bankroll.

Casinos change an Online Slot’s odds

People love a good conspiracy. As such, many believe that casinos change the odds of their slot games, perhaps lowering or raising the odds of winning on busy and quiet days. The truth is the random number generator (notice a trend) is installed into the machines by technicians under strict guidelines. This prevents the online slots games from being altered on a whim.

Max bets increase an Online Slots payout odds

Some believe that in order to win an online slots’ jackpot, you must bet the maximum number of coins allowed. While in some games, like progressive online slots’ jackpots, betting the max is the only way to be eligible for the jackpot, it does not increase the odds of it coming up.

One should always study the prize structure of individual online slots game to maximize your chances, but after figuring them out, don’t be a slave to playing more coins if it doesn’t increase your odds or the payout ratio stays the same.

Online Slots pay out more if the casino is busy

While the logic is sound that a casino would want more people around to witness a win, you need to remember that if a casino is busy, that means that more people are playing. As a result, more slots’ wins naturally occur, but stay within the normal percentage.

Counting an Online Slots symbols

Each online slots game’s reel contains a set number of symbols, leading some to think that wins can be calculated based on this. What some don’t realize is that the random number generator creates hundreds of stops along these reels, giving each symbol multiple stops and thus greatly increasing the odds of specific combinations.