The Stepping Stone Strategy

There is no shortage of online slot game strategies to learn these days. Lots of players claim to know what one has to do to win at a slot game, but many discover that their systems don’t work over the long run. One such system that will not beat a slot game with any consistency is the Stepping Stone strategy. This system has the player playing at a three-coin machine and adjusting the bet size based on previous results. The player starts with one bet and only raises the bet to two after they win something back from the previous slots spin. They only raise the bet to three coins after winning two spins in a row.

This system is designed to save the player’s credits and keep them in the game a little longer than betting max bet all the time. One difficulty about this system is that one very rarely ever hits three spins in a row in a slot game. That means that your bets almost always stay down to one or two bets, and this cuts off your chances of winning the big jackpot. Everyone knows that one must play max bet on a slot game to make it worth his while, but this system preaches the exact opposite.

Slot games have random number generators that determine when the payouts can be expected to occur. If you’re only playing max bet after you win two spins in a row, it will greatly decrease your chances of hitting a jackpot. Some machines have as much as 50% less payout when you play two coins instead of the max three. That’s a 50% loss for only 33% less on a buy-in, not a smart way to gamble considering the circumstances. Try to find games that offer a fair price on two or one credit bets. If you can’t, then you should always bet the max coins on a slot game that has a jackpot.

Forget about trying to find a way to beat a slot game. Systems like the Stepping Stone Strategy are only another way to get you to play your hard-earned money at the tables. Don’t buy into these deceptive ways and remember to play the slots for fun, not as a way to become profitable each time you play them. Winning at slot games is about being in the right place at the right time, not about changing bet sizes to beat a game that can’t be beat unless Lady Luck smiles upon you.