Most Popular Slot Games

Some slot themes just seem to endure the test of time. Gaming software companies create new games every month to keep the action fresh for slot players, but some games remain consistently popular no matter how many others are offered to players.

One theme that has been at the top of the list for years is Cleopatra. The Egyptian symbols have been popular with Western culture since King Tut’s Tomb was discovered in 1921. One of the most popular characters of ancient Egypt was Cleopatra, and games that are themed around her have been big winners for online casinos.

The newest Cleopatra slot game is the bonus game called Cleopatra’s Pyramid. This is a 5-reel/20 pay-line slot game with a bonus round that’s guaranteed to pay out every time. The bonus round is called “The $250,000 Pyramid” because you can win that much if you can guide Cleopatra through seven levels without hitting an asp. The game also has Scatter Symbols and Free Spins if you hit certain combinations. All these extra features make the game a much more involved experience than a regular slot game would provide.

Scatter Symbols are what you’re looking for when you’re playing Cleopatra’s Pyramid. The symbols can replace any other symbol and will double your winnings for the spin. If you get three or more of the Scatter Symbols you’ll get 15 free spins, and all the credits you can win.

The most popular slot tournaments online are the ones that use Cleopatra’s Pyramid as the game in play. Players feel more involved playing a game with a bonus round, and even in the late stages of a tournament one big spin full of Scatter Symbols can turn the tournament into a success.

The betting limits start at min bet $0.01 / max bet $10.00, and the game carries a regular possible jackpot of $100K beyond the $250K bonus jackpot. Give it a try if you haven’t yet, there must be something to it, all those players can’t be wrong. And you can always try it for free first before risking any of your bankroll.